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Why ship your products for testing overseas when you can do it locally with DVT Labs– the Bay Area’s premier Environmental Testing lab? Since 1994 companies in the Silicon Valley have turned to DVT Laboratories in Fremont for quality design verification testing with competitive pricing.

Whether your company is just getting started and needs environmental test services for new products–or you have existing products that require new testing–DVT Labs has you covered.

We offer free pickup and delivery in the Bay Area for the following Product Testing Services:

Temperature Testing, Temperature Humidity Testing:Using cycling to simulate the conditions that a product exhibits when exposed to varying temperature extremes and determines a resistance to humid environments.

Random and Sine Vibration Testing:
Our vibration testing simulates the conditions that a product or structure might face during its lifetime and helps to expose its possible weakness.

Mechanical Shock Testing:
DVT labs mechanical shock testing is a good test for design verification which simulates what happens to your goods in real-world conditions.

Drop Testing:
DVT's package drop test is a simulation of a package holding products that might experience difficulty during handling and transportation.

Electrostatic Testing (ESD):
DVT Labs ESD test is to evaluate the product for the effect a charge accumulated on the human body causes ESD discharge.

Halt & Hass Testing:
DVT Labs halt test is a stress test used to identify weakness to improve product reliability in a variety of industries, including medical,military, electronics and computer.

Altitude Testing:
The altitude test simulates air pressure changes that can be experienced at various elevation levels without any changes to the product performance, integrity, and durability.
Acoustic Testing:
DVT Labs Acoustic Testing evaluates the acoustic noise generated by products to reduce the impact of noise emittance on surrounding areas.

UV Exposure Testing:
DVT Labs UV Testing evaluates how a material withstands the effects of uv exposure that can cause significant changes to the properties and coating.

Abrasion Testing:
DVT Labs Abrasive testing determines the resistance of materials and structures to abrasion.

Tumble Testing:
DVT Labs Tumble Testing is a highly effective test to evaluate the product’s ability to survive the actual bumps and drops it will experience in life.

MTBF Prediction Service:
The DVT MTBF test it is a calculation used to predict the time between failures and determine the probability of survival and failure rate of products or components.

Salt Fog Testing:
DVT Labs method determines the effectiveness of protective coatings and finishes on materials. Salt Fog testing services may also determine the effects of salt deposits on the physical and electrical aspects of materiel.

Thermal Shock Testing:
DVT Labs thermal shock testing is performed to determine the effect on electronic components and the resistance to withstand sudden changes in temperature.

100% Employee owned Environmental Testing Lab serving the Silicon Valley for over 25 years

With flexible scheduling to meet your needs, 100 % employee owned DVTLabs is committed to serving our Silicon Valley colleagues with quality testing at very competitive rates. We understand that developing new products is an expensive process. As a result, we are committed to be the best cost package testing lab for commercial, medical, or military products’ testing.

Wherever you are located in the Bay Area free pickup and delivery makes working with DVT Labs a time and $$ saving convenience.

In House Design Verification Testing Lab

No matter which service you choose all of DVT’s testing processes are done in our Fremont facility under the direction of Sam Dargos, DVT Lab Manager. Sam brings over 30 years of testing experience and a commitment to ensuring that your product’s testing results are accurate and timely.

Why test overseas when you can do it locally with DVT Labs?

Contact us today for quality testing, flexible scheduling, and the most competitive rates. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.